8th Moscow MINEX Mining Club meeting

“Practical aspects of planning and executing acquisitions
of foreign mining companies”

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Date: Thursday 7 June 2012 (16:00 – 20:00)

Venue: KPMG, Naberezhnaya Tower Complex, 10 Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, Moscow

Organisers: Moscow Mining Club MINEX

Supporting organisations: KPMG and IMC Montan


Information Partners:


Questions to be discussed:

  • Issues to be considered during acquisitions of foreign mining companies;
  • Technical, ecological, commercial, economic, legal and tax issues;
  • Identification of technical and economic risks when conducting mining audits;
  • Examples of transactions involving the acquisition of mining companies and audits of mining companies in CIS countries, Africa, Latin America, Europe, South Korea, and others.

Key speakers: leading professionals of KPMG and IMC Montan, representatives of Russian mining companies with experience of investments in foreign mining projects

Expected number of participants: 80

Audience: Preferential registration will be offered to CEOs, Strategic Development Directors, experts in the field of M&A, CFOs of metals and mining companies, representatives of investment holding companies.

Translation – Russian and English simultaneous translation will be provided during the meeting.

How to register – Submit registration via the following link: http://www.minexforum.com/en/club/register/


Nataliya Tarasova
– Registration, speaker and sponsor enquires
Coordinator, MINEX Moscow Mining Club
Tel.: +7 (915) 482 9 284

Videoclip from the club meeting