MINEX Europe 2016

2nd European Mining and Exploration Forum and Expo

will be held in November 2016, place and dates to be confirmed.
The ongoing economic crisis has led to a decline in manufacturing in the European Union to 15.1% of GDP. To increase the share of manufacturing in the economy to 20% by 2020, the European Commission is introducing urgent policies and initiatives for a European Industrial Renaissance. This will make a huge impact on the development of mining and renewal of the mineral resources which are crucial for a strong EU industrial base as an essential building block of ƒthe EU’s growth and competitiveness.
Over the last decade MINEX Forum provided vibrant platform for industry-wide exchange of innovative technologies and investment in mining and exploration in Eurasia. The first MINEX Europe Forum was successfully organised in Vienna in November 2015, delegates from over 25 countries attended the Forum and agreed that it should become an annual event showcasing European mining industry’s developments, promoting technological advancements and investment opportunities.
If you are interested in supporting MINEX Europe 2016, we will be happy to hear your views and proposals.

For more information about please send enquires to admin@minexforum.com