Eurasia Mining to commence production on West Kytlim next week

MINEX Forum | September 1, 2016 | Views: 809


Eurasia Mining plc to commence production on company’s Russian project West Kytlim next week, the company reported.

Mining has commenced at Malaya Sosnovka, with two blocks cleared of vegetation (blocks 4 and 5) and a third block (block 1) to be cleared by 1 September 2016. Gravels are being excavated from block 4 and hauled to the wash plant site. Two wash plants will be used, with the smaller wash plant ready to process metal bearing gravels. The main wash plant is installed but not yet operational – this is expected in the first week of September. The late delivery of critical parts for this wash plant have delayed start-up by 10 days but the projected production for 2016 is still expected to be met.

For the processing of the concentrates the on-site laboratory is ready, with all the main equipment in place, including a concentrating table.

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