MINEX Europe 2018

David McHutchon | November 3, 2017 | Views: 8184

The 3rd MINEX Europe Mining & Exploration Forum will be held in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on 12-14 June 2018 under the theme “Sustainable development of the Western Tethyan metallogenic resources”.

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The Mining Project sessions will highlight significant recent discoveries, development projects, and emerging greenfield prospects in Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and other countries of Western Tethyan belt.

The Technological sessions will provide platform for the presentation of the EU-funded and International projects aimed at the development of cutting-edge technologies  for the Underground and Underwater exploration, Automation for mineral prospecting and extraction, Intelligent Mining, Low-Impact Mining, Re-opening abandoned mines, Real Time Exploration, Real Time Mining, Renewable Energy and Climate Services for Mining, .

“The Circular Economy and Sustainability in Mining” round table discussion will become central part of the Forum. It will offer Mining Companies, Government representatives, Investors and NGOs to voice their concerns and discuss the ways for closer collaboration for developing  long-run competitiveness and alignment with important societal goals across the Western Tethyan Mining regions.

MineTech Europe mining innovation and challenges competition will be organised alongside the Forum offering platform for companies, start-ups and Universities to present their projects and innovative solutions to a jury panel of leading mining companies and investors.

The objective of the competition is to showcase Best Available Technologies and Innovative solutions to develop and further enhance Europe’s global technological leadership in mining.

Day trips to mine sites operated by the Macedonian and International companies will be organised after the Forum on 14 June.

About MINEX Europe Forum

With advent of the exploration in the Balkans, Bulgaria, Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asia over the last two decades, the Western Tethys region is fast emerging as one of the World’s mining hotspots.
Endowed with copper, gold, lithium, cobalt, nickel, borates, potash, rare earth metals and uranium, Western Tethys region offers commercial opportunities for the development of traditionally unrecongnised deposit types and new districts, as well within long-recognised areas.

Low cost profiles, developed infrastructure, skilled local workforces as well as emerging changes in the government policies aimed at encouraging foreign investment, highlight the Tethys as an emerging and highly attractive area for international miners and investors.

From high-grade development projects to high-tech operating projects, the Western Tethys region still remains underexplored.

Besides geological factors, the key to a successful mining project development in the Western Tethys region is the need to focus on SUSTAINABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY and INNOVATION.

Economic, political and social environment is shifting across the region. Many countries are embracing opportunities for sustaining economic growth while reducing environmental footprint. As mining is historically associated with the environmental risks, low tech and labour-intensive workplaces, its role in further economic development agendas is often questioned. Environmental impact of Mining, Labour conditions and relations continue to be a gating issue for miners. Disputes and Accidents instantly get media attention and governments are under increased pressure to adopt progressive policies.

In the foreseeable future metals and raw materials will be essential for securing long term economic growth and advancement of material intensive industries such as car manufacturing, electronics, constructions, energy. Across the region, jurisdictions continue to find ways to work with communities while securing supply of valuable commodities. In 2010 the European Union introduced Horizon 2020 programme to stimulate cooperation between miners, academics and local communities develop efficient and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of modern society for metals and minerals.

To address contributions of the mining industry to economy, environment and society across the Western Tethys region there is an urging need for closer collaboration and open discussion between miners, politicians, academics and NGOs.

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