Kazakhstan to increase uranium production by 5%

MINEX Forum | December 23, 2019 | Views: 70 | Source: Kazinform

KAZINFORM Uranium mining is forecast to grow by 5% in Kazakhstan in 2019, Vice Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Asset Magauov told the press conference at the Central Communications Service.

«Uranium production will hit this year some 22,742 tonnes. Kazakhstan keeps the lead in the global market of natural uranium and produces almost 40% of the world output. At the same time, the world uranium market observes an unfavorable pricing environment. Accordingly, Kazakhstan realizes production-oriented and value-added selling projects. The Ulba metallurgical plant realizes a project to produce fuel rod arrays for nuclear plants. The capacity of the plant will hit 200 uranium fuel assemblies a year,» he added. The cost of project is KZT 49 bln. Construction will complete in 2020.

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