MineTech competition to be held at the MINEX Russia Forum

David McHutchon | September 14, 2017 | Views: 173

MINEX Russia 2017 Forum organisers are pleased to invite mining equipment producers and technology providers to present solutions at MineTech – the 1st Russian Competition of Mining Challenges and Solutions.

The competition will take place on 12 October 2017 at MINEX Russia Mining Forum in Moscow.

Competition challenges

1. Challenges from Polymetal International (open pdf)
2. Challenges from ООО «РДМ» / Highland Gold Mining (open pdf).

Contenders are required to submit applications by 21 September

Further information about MineTech Russia 2017 competition:

About MineTech competition

MineTech competition is a novel way for winning new business and presenting mining solutions in Russia.

Participating in the competition a mining company can achieve a number of objectives. The obvious one is to potentially resolve a technical challenge and broaden the receive a wide spectrum of turnkey solutions from local and international providers. The company may also use the competition to stimulate internal innovation. The vendors will have a chance to demonstrate the application of their products and technologies for resolving specific cases. The forum delegates will participate in lively discussions and learn about new technologies and solutions. After the competition the mining companies will be able to create a super challenge and invite the winners to implement the proposed solutions.

• Solutions will be examined by the senior experts representing Polymetal International and ООО «РДМ» / Highland Gold Mining.
• Presented materials will be published in the Forum publication
• Best solutions will be awarded at the Russian Mining Awards Gala Dinner on 12 October
• The competition will be widely covered by Russia’s leading mining publications

Super challenge. Challengers reserved to right to invite the winners to implement proposed solutions. If you have unique solution why wait?

We await you at MineTech Russia mining challenges competition. Submit your proposal now!

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