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Anastasia Bogdanova | December 11, 2020 | Views: 2638 | Source: MINEX Russia 2020

Let us discuss the topic of contemporary events. What are their shortcomings? What participants expect and get in reality?  How can we improve their efficiency using new technologies?

We know from experience that organising an event regardless whether it last lasts just a few hours or several days, takes a lot of time and resources. Once the event is over, you cannot teleport back in time and get things done retrospectively. Given the resources spent on organising events, understandably, everyone expects a maximum return.

How many times were you planning to attend an event but were distracted and missed it? Wouldn’t it be nice if the events were available when you are ready for them and not the other way around?

Even when you have attended an event, how many meetings, presentations and important information did you miss as you could not be in two places at the same time? Sadly, you cannot attach a rewind button to live events.

If you speak at an event, naturally you expect full house and the undivided attention of your audience. In reality people get distracted and often miss even those talks that are of great interest to them.  This often happens when event sessions are run in parallel.

If you sponsor an event, you want to measure the impact you have made. But it is easier said than done at a real live event. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see how many times delegates looked at your profile, opened your presentation, or shared it on social media?

If you exhibited at an event, most likely you have spent a great deal on making your booth presentable and inviting your VIP guests. But when the event has finished, you had to take your booth down and did not have an opportunity to engage with the visitors who were late or have missed the event altogether.

MINEX Forum has extensive experience in organising mining events of any type or shape. Since 2005, we have held a great number of conferences, exhibitions, discussions, masterclasses, and mine site visits across Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and China.

 At the beginning of this year, after all physical platforms have been shut down, we had to come up with ways of carrying on and putting together multilingual events online.

This year only a few international mining events were organised at a physical location. One of them was MINEX Russia Forum which was held in October in Moscow. As many people could not attend the forum in person, we have developed a technology for organising conference sessions, exhibitions, and networking, in a hybrid format. This technology helped to connect people participating in the Forum in-person in Moscow and online from anywhere in the world.  Our platform powered real-time Russian and English simultaneous translation of the presentations and discussions between speakers and delegates attending in-person and online. At our hybrid platform, we have managed to bring together 440 delegates, 57 exhibitors, 120 speakers, and over 300 online viewers.  This was a great achievement by any standards given the current environment.


But our drive for innovation has not stopped there.

We are delighted to present to you the MINEX Russia 2020 Virtual World, which we believe, is a missing link of live events, regardless if they were held at a physical location, online, or in a hybrid format.

It creates an immersive experience where visitors have full control of their movement and time, like at real events. But, unlike computer and VR games, there is nothing to download. You can visit MINEX Russia 2020 Virtual World from your PC, tablet, or mobile phone via a web browser. If you do not have access to the internet, we can even provide a file, which could be played on a standalone computer.

If you have missed the Forum, you can access video recordings of the presentations (with built-in simultaneous translation) and slides. There will be a one-time fee to pay to access these materials. Once you have access, you will be able to create your personal profile on the MINEX Russia 2020 private network. You will also be able to chat and even organise video calls with other participants via a private video room.

If you have missed meetings with exhibitors, you can visit their virtual stands and learn about their products or services.


The interactive and engagement part of MINEX Russia 2020 Virtual World does not stop there.

 Current exhibitors can keep their stands up to date by updating their profiles, replacing presentation materials, and even uploading videos, podcasts and photo albums.

Soon we are planning to add a virtual expo hall and offer exhibiting opportunities to companies, who have missed the Forum this year.

Each exhibitor can request the integration of online communication software into their exhibition booth. This will enable them to hold real-time or recorded events for their guests. Past event recordings can be added for further viewing.  We currently support ZOOM, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Groups, Google meet and could potentially add another software.

We have also added a webinar platform that can be hired to organise networking events, training sessions, and presentations for audiences of up to 1000 people.

These integrations make MINEX Russia 2020 Virtual World a truly vibrant platform providing an online home for connecting mining communities between our annual events.

Companies that are interested in presenting to the MINEX Russia audience, can discuss terms with the MINEX Russia Forum secretariat.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to MINEX Russia 2020 Virtual World and look forward to greeting you at MINEX Russia 2021 in Moscow in October.

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