Nordgold increases funding for employee development, well-being

Anastasia Bogdanova | March 13, 2020 | Views: 49 | Source: Mining Weekly

Gold producer Nord Gold (Nordgold) has increased funding for its employee development and wellbeing programmes by more than 17% to about $9.9-million for the 2020 financial year, from $8.2-million in the prior financial year.

The Nordgold employee development programme incorporates the company’s training and development initiatives in specific areas of knowledge or geographies.

In 2019, the overall number of employees who participated in the programme rose to 71% of Nordgold’s 8 000-strong global workforce, compared with 67% in 2018, mainly as a result of the launch of new training courses for managerial and technical personnel and further advancement in application of online e-learning tools and platforms.

Nordgold is targeting 70% participation this year.

“The Nordgold employee development programme is more than an ambitious toolkit to accelerate the development of all our employees. It helps us maintain our competitive advantage, namely our people,” says Nordgold human resources director Yulia Sklar.

The mining industry is a competitive sector and it is critical we attract, develop and retain the right talent,” she adds.

Meanwhile, the Nordgold employee wellbeing programme is aimed at improving the social and living conditions at the company’s mines to ensure its employees benefit from a healthy, safe and secure workplace.

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