Serbia launchs the Cadaster of Mining Waste

David McHutchon | March 31, 2017 | Views: 338


Instruments for Pre-Accession Assistance helps economically weak countries in Europe to develop their infrastructure, rural infrastructure, industry and provide their citizens with better living conditions. In Serbia, the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia has commenced with the implementation of first such project. noted.

The goal of the Cadaster of Mining Waste is to help Serbia overcome all negative effects of inadequate storage of toxic waste. Properly stored and adequately registered, this dangerous waste will be monitored and organized in the same way as it is done in all other developed countries.

During the procedure of introduction of this new system, several important steps will be taken. Serbia will first have to classify all types of mining waste that are currently existing and then to conduct an adequate risk assessment. Such analysis will help the public authorities determine the level of pollution and the danger coming along with the extracted waste.

According to the latest information, a German company PLEJADES GmbH, in cooperation with its compatriot DMT, has been chosen as the provider of services.

Even though this project is rather expensive, 90% of all necessary resources are supplied by IPA funds and Serbia needs to contribute only 10%.

Although this project seems like just a drop in the ocean, this is truly an important step further in the implementation of demanding and expensive environmental policies which will provide a much healthier environment for all.

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